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If you know how, you can also enter Chinese characters or Japanese Kanji and search for a Chinese or Japanese phrase directly.

Last time I counted, there are 10,172 different entries of popular Chinese and Japanese words, phrases, and English names in my database. I've been working on this project with a team of Chinese and Japanese translators for more than 13 years.

With all of the combinations of possible phrases and names with various calligraphy styles, silk colors, paper colors, mounting options, and size options, there are over 6 BILLION different custom Asian character wall scrolls that you can order from my website.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, just contact me - I will add it to the database just for you! Note: Translation fees may apply to complex special requests

Please note that I have avoided some popular western / English phrases and words that do not translate well, and have excluded most Chinese and Japanese phrases that can have bad meanings from my database. If you can't find what you are looking for here, or are seeking vulgar words, please try my Free Chinese / Japanese Online Dictionary

If your search is not successful, just email me at, and if not too complex, I'll research and translate it for free. If complex, there may be a token translation fee ($10 - $20) which is refundable when you place your order.

Popular Chinese Character and Japanese Kanji calligraphy searches...

5 Elements7 Codes of the SamuraiA Life of SerenityA New BeginningA Vast Sky Full of StarsAbilityAbundanceAbundance and ProsperityAcceptance of FateAchieveAchievementAcupunctureAdapt and OvercomeAdoreAdoringAdoring LoveAikiAiki JujutsuAkemiAliveAllahAllyAlone With Only Your Shadow for CompanyAlwaysAlways and ForeverAlways Striving for Inner StrengthAlways TogetherAnarchyAncestorsAngelAnimalsApolloAprilArataArchangelArcherAriesArigatoArmyArt of WarAutumnAwakeAwarenessBa Gua ZhangBadgerBaguaBalancedBalanced LifeBambooBamboo MoonBanzaiBe FreeBe Like Water My FriendBe True to YourselfBeautiful GirlBeautiful MindBeautiful PrincessBeautiful SpiritBeautiful WomanBeauty of NatureBeauty of SpiritBeginners MindBelierve in YourselfBelieve in GodBelovedBenevolenceBestBest FriendsBest Friends ForeverBetter to Be Happy Than RichBibleBig BrotherBirthdayBlackBlack TigerBless and ProtectBlessed by HeavenBlessingBlessingsBlissBlue DragonBodhiBodhi TreeBodhidharmaBon VoyageBondBonsaiBookBoxingBrave HeartBrave WarriorBraveryBreathBrevityBright FutureBroken Mirror RejoinedBrotherBrotherhoodBrotherly and Sisterly LoveBrotherly LoveBrownBruce LeeBuddhismBuddhistBudokanBujinBujinkanBullBushiBushido CodeBushido the Way of the SamuraiButsuCalm MindCancerCapricornCareerCaringCarpe DiemCatholicCause EffectChallengeChanceChangeChaseCherishCherryChi EnergyChickenChiruChristChristianChristmasChuan FaChung Shin Tong IlClarityClothCollaborationCommitmentCommunityCompassionate HeartConceptConquerorContentmentCosmosCourtesyCowboyCrazy LoveCreateCreativityCrisisCrouching Tiger Hidden DragonCuriousDaikomyoDaito Ryu Aiki JujutsuDanceDangerDaoismDarumaDaughterDawnDeath Before DishonorDeath Before SurrenderDeath With DignityDedicationDeepDefenseDengDependableDesireDestiny Determined by HeavenDestiny That Brings Lovers TogetherDetermination to AchieveDevilDevotedDevotionDiligenceDiscipleDivineDivine BlessingDivine ProtectionDivine WindDoctorDokuDouble HappinessDragon and PhoenixDragon FistDragon FlyDragon LadyDragon SoulDragon SpiritDragon TigerDragon WarriorDragonflyDreamDream BigEducationEffortEightEightfold PathElderElectricityElegantElementsEmpressEmptinessEmptyEncourageEndlessEndless LoveEndureEnergyEngineeringEnjoyEnjoy LifeEnlightenEnlightenedEnlightenmentEnoughEnthusiasmEqualityEquilibriumEssenceEternalEternal FriendshipEternal LifeEternityExcellenceExperienceExperience is the Mother of WisdomFailure is the Mother of SuccessFaithFaith in GodFaith in YourselfFaithfulFaithfulnessFall Seven Times Get Up EightFamily BondFamily FirstFastFateFear No EvilFeelingsFeng ShuiFidelityFierce TigerFighterFighting SpiritFire DragonFire SnakeFireflyFirst Born SonFistFive ElementsFive Pecks of RiceFive Tenets of ConfuciusFlightFlowersFlowers BloomFlowers FallFlyingFollow Your DreamsFollow Your HeartFootballForestForeverForever FamilyForever in My HeartForever With GodForgiveForgive and ForgetForgive Me of My SinsForgivenForgivenessForgivingFortitudeFortuneFortune Favors the BraveFour Noble TruthsFour SeasonsFree from WorryFree SpiritFree WillFriendsFriends ForeverFriendshipFrogFrostGamanGautamaGeishaGeneralGenerosityGenuineGhostGingerGirlGive Me StrengthGloryGod BlessGod Bless MeGod Bless YouGod Can Judge MeGod Give Me StrengthGod is Always With YouGod is My JudgeGod is With YouGod of AbrahamGokuGoldGolden DragonGoldfishGood FortuneGood HealthGoodnessGrace of GodGrandmasterGrandmotherGrantGreatGreat AmbitionsGreatest LoveGreenGuardianGuardian AngelHanawaHapkidoHappinessHappiness and JoyHappy BuddhaHappy FamilyHappy LifeHarmony PeaceHave Faith in GodHawkHazelHealthyHealthy LivingHeart and SoulHeart Mind and SoulHeart of a LionHeart of a WarriorHeaven Blesses the DiligentHeaven SentHentaiHeroHeroicHeroic SpiritHidden DragonHidden Dragon Crouching TigerHigh SpeedHoly SpiritHomeHome is Where the Heart IsHome of the Auspicious Golden DragonHonestHonor and IntegrityHonor and RespectHonor Courage CommitmentHonorableHouseHouse of Good FortuneHousouHumanityHumorHunterI Love My ParentsI Love You Forever and EverI Miss YouIaidoIkigaiIllusionImageImaginationImmortalImmortalityImmovable MindImpermanenceIn God We TrustIndependenceIndependentIndependent SpiritIndomitableInfiniteInfinityInner BeautyInner Peace and SerenityIntensityInvincibleIrisIslamIsshinryuJasmineJeet Kune DoJesus is My Lord and SaviorJewelJewishJohn 3:16Joshua 1:9JourneyJoyfulJupiterJusticeKagetsuKaijuKajukenboKamikazeKeep FightingKempoKempo KarateKendoKenjutsuKenpo Karate Law of the FistKindheartedKingdom of HeavenKirinKissKnightKnow Thy Enemy Know ThyselfKnowledgeKuenKuneKyokushinLasting LoveLaughLaughterLaw of the FistLeadershipLearning is EternalLegendary TurtleLibertyLibraLife Energy SpiritualLife Energy Spiritual EnergyLife Full of LoveLife in BalanceLife in Perfect HarmonyLife is a JourneyLife is BeautifulLife is ShortLife is What You Make of ItLife of HappinessLife of SerenityLightningListenListen to Your HeartLittle DragonLive for TodayLive for What You LoveLive in ProsperityLive in the MomentLive Laugh and LoveLive Laugh LoveLive Life With Love and LaughterLive Life With No RegretsLive Love LaughLive StrongLive the MomentLive Without RegretLive Without RegretsLivestrongLondonLone WolfLonelyLongevityLost SoulLotusLotus FlowerLove AlwaysLove and AffectionLove and DevotionLove and HateLove and PeaceLove and ProtectLove and RespectLove and StrengthLove Binds Us TogetherLove EternalLove EternallyLove Faith StrengthLove for HumanityLove ForeverLove HateLove Honor RespectLove LifeLove With All My HeartLove Without ReasonLove You AlwaysLove You ForeverLove Yourself FirstLove, Laugh, LiveLoverLoversLoving FatherLoving MotherLuckLuck and FortuneLuckyMachoMahjongMakazeMarineMarine CorpsMarriageMartial Arts MasterMartial Arts MoralityMartial Arts SkillsMartial VirtueMatsubayashiMeiyaMelodyMental ToughnessMercuryMercyMercy and CompassionMessenger of HeavenMidnightMightyMind Body Soul SpiritMind Like WaterMind of the BeginnerMindfulnessMiracleMirrorMiss YouMixed Martial ArtsMizu No KokoroModestyMokusoMonkMoral and VirtuousMorality of MindMother and SonMother DaughterMother NatureMotivationMountain and RiverMuay ThaiMuhammadMulanMusashiMusicianMy Life My RulesMy True LoveMysteryNam Myoho Renge KyoNamasteNamo Amitabha BuddhaNamu Myoho Renge KyoNatureNeptuneNeverNever ForgetNever Too LateNew StartNimraNinjutsuNinpoNirvanaNo FearNo Guts No GloryNo MindNo PainNo Pain No GainNo Retreat No SurrenderNo SurrenderNo WorriesNobleNoble Eightfold PathNogueraNorikoNorthern Praying MantisNovaNurseOm Mani Padme HumOnce in a LifetimeOne Family Under HeavenOne HeartOne Love One HeartOne True LoveOnly God Can Judge MeOpen MindOpportunityOvercomePainPain is Weakness Leaving the BodyPandaPanda BearPantherPartnerPassionPassionatePassionate LovePathPeace and Good HealthPeace and HarmonyPeace and LovePeace and ProsperityPeace and SecurityPeace and TranquilityPeace LovePeace of MindPeaceful ChaosPeaceful WarriorPeachPerfectPerserverancePersistencePersonal Fate or DestinyPersonal IntegrityPhoenix and DragonPhoenix Rise from the AshesPhysical StrengthPleasurePoloPower of UnderstandingPridePrinceProfoundProsperousProsperous BusinessProtectPrudencePure HeartPure LovePurityPursue Your DreamsQi GongQueenQuietQuiet WarriorRabbitRadianceRainRainbowRank HolderRead 10,000 Books, Travel 10,000 MilesRealityReasonRebirthRecoverRectitudeRed BatsRegretRelaxRenegadeResilienceResolveRespect and LoveRespect and LoyaltyResponsibilityRight IntentionRight ThoughtRise from the AshesRising SunRiverRogueRoninRoosterRyukyuSacredSacred FireSadnessSafe and SoundSafety and Well Being of FamilySagittariusSaifaSailSakeSalvationSamsaraSamurai HeartSamurai VirtuesSatoshiScarecrowScholarScorpioScorpionSeasonsSeize the DaySelflessnessSemper FiSemper FidelisSenpaiSenshi DamashiiSerenity and PeaceSeven Rules of HappinessSeven Times Down Eight Times UpShadeShadow WarriorShaolinShaolin Kung FuSheepShifuShikataganaiShin BuddhismShinobiShinzenShito RyuShoganaiShogunShorinji KempoShotokan KarateShotokan Karate-DoSiddharthaSifuSilenceSilent WarriorSimplicitySincereSincere HeartSistersSnoopySnowSoccerSoul MatesSoul SpiritSoulmateSoulmatesSpaceSpeedSpirit of TaekwondoSpirit of the TigerSpiritual EnergySpiritual PowerSpiritual Soul MatesSpiritual StrengthSpiritual WarriorStarSteelStoneStrengthStrength AbilityStrength and HonorStrength and HonourStrength and LoveStrength CourageStrength HonorStrength Lies WithinStrength of a WomanStrength of SpiritStrength of the HeartStrength VigorStriveStrong and BeautifulStrong HeartStrong HeartedStrong Mind Strong BodyStrong of HeartStrong WomanStudySufferSumptuousSunshineSupermanSupernaturalSupernatural EnergySurrenderSurviveSurvivorSushiSwanSweetheartSwimTae Kwon DoTaekwondo TenetsTai Chi ChuanTaishoTakemusuTalentTang Soo DoTaoismTathataTaurusTea PotTeachTeacherTemperanceTenacityTenraThankfulnessThe Dao of Filial PietyThe Five Tenets of ConfuciusThe Golden RuleThe LordThe Patience to EndureThe Red StringThe Spirit of Dragon and TigerThe Spirit of the Dragon HorseThe Spirit of Tiger and DragonThe Way of the SamuraiThe Way of the SwordThe Way of the WarriorThe Whole Room Rocks With LaughterThis Too Shall PassThrasherThunder GodTiger CubTiger HeartTiger SpiritTo Infinity and BeyondTodayTogetherTogether ForeverTogether Forever in LoveToleranceTornadoToyotaTradeTrainingTranquilityTranscendTranscendenceTreasureTreeTrue LoveTrue VictoryTrue Victory is Victory Over OneselfTrustTrust in GodTrustworthyTsukiTurtleTwilightUndauntedUndaunted After Repeated SetbacksUnderstandingUniqueUnitedUnityUniverseUnyieldingUprightUprightnessUranusUzuraVampireVermillion DragonVerseVigorVigorousVioletVirgoVirtueVoidWarrior SoulWarrior SpiritWater DragonWater TigerWay of LifeWay of the DragonWay of the SamuraiWeddingWedding ScrollWelcomeWelcome HomeWellnessWhat Does Not Kill Me Makes Me StrongerWhiteWhite DragonWill of IronWill PowerWineWing ChunWing Chun FistWisdom BrillianceWisdom Comes from ExperienceWisdom from Hard KnocksWisdom Intellect ReasonWishWith All the Strength of Your HeartWoodWork Unselfishly for the Common GoodWrestlingYellowYou Are Always in My HeartYou Are My One LoveYou Only Live OnceZen BuddhismZen CircleZendoZenmaiZeusZionZodiac

A nice Chinese calligraphy wall scroll

The wall scroll that Sandy is holding in this picture is a "large size"
single-character wall scroll.
We also offer custom wall scrolls in small, medium, and an even-larger jumbo size.

A professional Chinese Calligrapher

Professional calligraphers are getting to be hard to find these days.
Instead of drawing characters by hand, the new generation in China merely type roman letters into their computer keyboards and pick the character that they want from a list that pops up.

There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

The same calligrapher who gave me those lessons also attracted a crowd of thousands and a TV crew as he created characters over 6-feet high. He happens to be ranked as one of the top 100 calligraphers in all of China. He is also one of very few that would actually attempt such a feat.